Ale O

The Petite Jian Sweater

Color: Blue

The Petite Jian Sweater, like the Grand Jian, is named after a mythical one winged bird and like it's longer sister sweater, the Petite Jian is made from fabrics that are 100% recycled. The Petite Jian signifies two imperfect sides joining into one perfect whole and gives a subtler nod to asymmetry with the use of contrasting fabrics for each gathered inset sleeve. This is the perfect cooling down sweater after attending a yoga class or just for finishing off that last minute shopping in comfort and style. The petite Jian pairs beautifully with some faded denims or a pencil skirt making it a versatile addition to the winter wardrobe. Made of 100% recycled knit, the Jian sweater commits to a better planet, where joining together can make a huge difference in everyone's lives.


  • Knit Fabric of recycled fibers
  • 100% Cotton Jersey Lined
  • InSeam Pockets
  • High Cowl Neckline
  • Full Length Sleeve
  • Cuffed Wrist with Gathered Sleeve
  • Machine wash Gentle
  • Oregon Made



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