Ale O

Isis Open Deel Cape in Black


Inspired by the high collared wrap of a Mongolian Deel, this beautiful Cashmere wool cape has two distinct design features. The first, it'•s open at the front to modestly show either a peek of skin or a pop of colour should you choose to partner the cape with a singlet or shell underneath; and secondly it has a prominent Tibetan wool accent fashioned along the back for a taste of the avant garde. Modern and tribal, the cape boasts an open hemline that elevates the piece, and adds an unexpected versatility. This tailored cape will not only supply a cozy coverall, but will keep the wearer warm as well as stylish.

  • Cashmere Wool/Tibetan Wool
  • High Collared Neck
  • Cape
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Oregon Made

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