Paying Homage to our Ancestors

Growing up, I would always hear stories about these events my grandfather José M. González (in Mexico) would hold; where he gives back to the community members of Cadereyta Jimenez, N.L., to those who are less fortunate, didn't have food, money, or needed help... The whole family would be included in these events, where he would open up his house and with his 5 children and my grandmother, Maria de los Angeles, would give back to the community.
During this pandemic, I, like many others, saw an opportunity and recognized the need to use my special skills like sewing and using our social media platform, to give back to the community and spread awareness.

I designed reversible, washable, and versatile scarves/face masks.

The goal from selling these masks was to collect donations and food for those in the community who are in need, and distribute. With each sale, I requested that customers brought canned foods, or showed a receipt for donating to food bank in order to get a discount.
After receiving all the donations, I brought my two girls: Dasha and Nicolette Moscoso Oyervides, and off we went to make grandpa proud.
Not only was it important for me to give back to the community, but it reminded me of my grandfather the entire way. I was able to see the joy in everyone's faces when we dropped off the food, and felt so good that my daughters and I were able to experience the same feelings that my grandfather had.
All my life, I've wanted to be able to create something like this. A way I could give back. This was a dream come true for me, and I wouldn't be able to do it without the help and support of our community.