Ale O

The Grand Jian Sweater

Color: Slate

The Grand Jian Sweater is named after a mythical one winged bird. The Jian bird signifies two imperfect sides joining into one perfect whole. The tops asymmetrical wing dips down for an unexpected design element that holds one large patch pocket big enough to keep those essentials that every woman needs; a phone, a wallet and her license. This is the perfect cooling down sweater after a yoga class or just for finishing off that last minute shopping in comfort and style. Made of 100% recycled knit, the Jian sweater commits to a better planet by using recycled fabric, and believes joining together in imperfection can make a huge difference in everyone's lives.

  • Knit Fabric of recycled fibers
  • Patch Pocket
  • High Cowl Neckline
  • Bat wing Full Length Sleeve
  • Cuffed Wrist
  • Machine wash Gentle
  • Oregon Made

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