Ale O

Cacao Ceremony


Save the date: Thursday 11/11, 6:30 pm. 📍 811 E Burnside #110 Portland, OR 97214

Cacao ceremony has become a  ritual for self renewal that keeps us centered, connected to our hearts, and living in a good way.

It is aimed at the heart chakra and heals present or ancestral wounds. Cocoa as a teacher and guide, is loving and sensitive and allows a reconnection with yourself. 

This time Ale O and Pamhealing will join forces in a powerful 11/11 portal to celebrate heart activation along with Thetahealing.

>>Thetahealing is a guided meditation to reprogram unconscious thoughts into depp Theta state.

Gathering together to this ceremony can create healing, connection and inspiration.

Do you want to heal and reprogram at the same time in a powerful portal? Join us...

>>Only 12 places aviable<< 

MASKS REQUIRED TO ENTER and must stay on while not eating or drinking.

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